The question clients will most frequently ask any recruitment business (apart from “What do you charge?”!) is “What makes you different?”.

There are very few companies who have a genuine USP these days, so we prefer simply to be honest… the only thing that makes Tag different is it’s people. We’re not claiming to provide a service that’s totally different to our competitors, but we like to think that after you’ve spoken to us you’ll have confidence that we can deliver results.

The founding members of Tag have over thirty five years combined experience in relationship building and management in commercial environments, and fourteen years of specific recruitment experience but the really important bit is that we are committed to, and genuinely enjoy providing a quality service and delivering outstanding results.

We’re not trying to pretend that we’re the only business that strives for those things, but unlike many, we’re also not going to pretend that there is some secret recipe that only we have… when recruiting or searching for a new opportunity it’s important to trust the Recruitment company you engage with, and no matter what we say here it’s all about that relationship and the only way you can decide if Tag is the right business to support you is to contact us… so please do!